Icaros Herbals

Icaros herbals believes that herbal practice should be rooted in the community which it serves. These Wise Weeds Project aims to work with local community groups to provide workshops and talks raising awareness about herbal medicine and making it accessible to all.



Herbal Medicine for Stamina, Strength & Altitude

Herbal Medicine is not just for illness or disharmony. In this talk I will discuss how herbs and supplements can be used to increase stamina and strength in sports and mountaineering, including improving resilience to altitude sickness. Some herbs have been used for hundreds of years for their ability to increase the bodies response to stress, both physical and emotional. These herbs are called adaptogens and are beneficial to endurance sports. Some herbs help the production of energy, or increase lung capacity. If you are an adventurer, athlete, mountaineer or just wanting to improve your vitality, then come along to this free talk, hosted by York Alpine Club. I will share my experience of climbing Mt Blanc with my herbal mixtures and share my wonderful adaptogen raw chocolate recipe.


Thursday, 25th April 2019                   

Free Entry


Fossgate Social

25 Fossgate




Treatment of Menopausal Symptoms with Herbal Medicine

I will be talking for the second time at Kyra’s ‘Pause for the Menopause’ support group for women in this stage of life transition. There are many herbal medicines to help ease the symptoms of menopause. A herbalist will address each symptom often adjusting the herbs as treatment progresses.

I will be holding a public talk on managing the menopause naturally with herbs and supplements soon. Watch this space for dates.

Read more on my approach to herbal interventions for the menopause here: Kyra’s Pause for the Menopause. 

Herbal Medicine for Exam Stress

I have been asked a lot recently about herbal medicine to help students facing exams and becoming over whelmed by stress. Although some stress can be a positive factor, ongoing stress releases cortisol which depresses the immune system and can impair cognitive functioning. Herbs such as Tulsi or Holy Basil, Melissa or Lemon Balm and of course Camomile can all help with reducing stress. Herbs to improve cognitive functioning such as Centella, Bacopa, Rosemary and Theobroma (meaning Tree of Life) can help with cognitive functioning. Self help methods such as EFT are great to help calm students. The 5 point auricular (ear) acupuncture points can also help with stress and symptoms caused by stress, such as insomnia.

Watch this space for my workshop on Managing Exam Stress designed to help parents and students!

Herbal Medicine – An Art & Science

This talk is delivered in partnership with Edible York. 

This talk will introduce you to herbal medicine; what it is and how it could be of benefit to your general well being. I will explain how a Medical Herbalist works, how herbal knowledge has been gained and how medicine is made. There will be opportunity to sample tinctures, teas and creams and even herbal chocolate!

Date: Wednesday 21st November 2018

Time: 7 pm


The Ackhorne

St Martin’s Lane





Open to the general public. No fee. 


Tullivers – The 5 Minute Herbalist


I will be providing a series of talks and information on the following health topics at Tullivers, York’s leading herbal and wholefood shop.

December 8th – Saturday 11am – 3pm

Seasonal Wellness – come along between 11am – 3pm to learn a few herbal tips on how to manage wellness during the festive season. Whilst it is a cause for celebration and festivities, Christmas can take a toll upon our well being. I will be on hand to give advice on sleep, digestion and managing stress during this period.

January – Saturday

Liver Health & Dry January – After the festive season we all need to give our bodies some respite from excessive food and drink. Come along and get some advice on cleansing herbal teas and herbs to aid with detoxifying your body and supporting your liver, the most important organ for eliminating toxins. Often our intake of alcohol increases significantly over Christmas and reducing or stopping use, even if it is just for Dry January, can be hard. As an experienced alcohol counselling I can give tips and strategies to help you stay ‘dry’ in January and even beyond!


  • Herbal Medicine – An Art and Science
  • Women’s Health and Women’s Herbs
  • Herbal remedies for stamina and strength in sports and mountaineering


These workshops are open to the public

  • Make your own herbal cosmetics! Creams, lotions and potions
  • First Aid Remedies
  • Tea blending workshop
  • Managing anxiety and depression with diet, life style and herbs
  • Achieving peaceful sleep
  • Winter remedies – herbs for immunity, colds and flu
  • Herbs for sports – stamina, strength and altitude
  • Spring cleanse with nature’s gifts
  • Women’s herbs and women’s health
  • Managing the menopause naturally

Corporate Well being days

Why not book a staff well being day. I will be able to offer advice on

managing work stress, achieving restful sleep and boosting immunity and digestive health. I can take pulse and blood pressure readings and screen for alcohol use.

Be-spoke workshops for Pre-schools and Schools

These are six sessions of short work-shops (one to two hour) designed to engage young children in the exploration of herbal knowledge. The workshops combine story-telling, horticultural skills and medicinal information. Where possible, sessions are linked to the national curriculum. These sessions were awarded The Nigel Wynn Memorial Award for innovative and outstanding work.

These sessions are individually commissioned by pre-schools, nurseries and schools.

Fees available upon request.


Plant you own Medicinal Garden

Part of the vision of herbalism is to bring nature and herbs back to the people; to share the forgotten knowledge. Many herbs are safe to use, familiar to our native landscape and grow around us. If you would like help in planning, planting, maintaining your own medicinal garden then look no further!

Matt Dolman completed a BSc in Herbal Medicine at Lincoln University, award a First Class Honours. He has worked in English Heritage and the National Trust and is a keen gardener.